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    Black screen while sound and programs are running
    I have a new iMac 27'' late 2013 which I purchased almost 2 months ago.
    Today I experienced a problem I haven't come across before. While the iMac was idle with programs running and sound it tried to get to sleep or screen saver mode and the screen went black with the 4 four edges of the computer white. I wasn't able to bring it back by using the keyboard and the mouse so I pressed the power button and restarted. My keyboard and mouse are both Logitech just to inform. I have Mavericks fully updated. How can I fix this issue and what might be causing it?

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    The Logitech keyboard might be the source of your problem. However, I would first try doing a SMC (System Management Controller) reset before assuming anything else. It's easy to do: Shut down your iMac, remove the AC plug from the socket and let the machine set that way for about 15 minutes. Plug it back in and restart. If the same problem occurs, I would go back to using the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse that came with your iMac to see if that cures it. If it doesn't, make an appointment with your local Apple store genius bar. Your iMac is still under warranty.

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    Thank you for your rapid reply.
    I spoke to a technician and he told me that Skype may be causing the issue and that I should monitor it to see if it happens again with skype active or without. In the meantime, I performed a hardware test by restarting and holding down the D key. Everything was clear no problem detected. I will keep on monitoring it and I will update.

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