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Thread: lost music

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    lost music
    My iMac had to go for repair and came back minus my iTunes music. Any way I can I get it back?

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    any songs, albums, etc. you've purchased from the itunes store you should be able to re download:

    go to the itunes store page
    sign in to your account
    on the right there'll be a quick link to purchased items
    click on that
    click on the all tab
    at the foot of the page click the download button

    anything elso you've ripped from CD, etc. you'll be relying on any back up you have made

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    If the hard drive had to be erased you would have to resort to something like Data Rescue 3 to do the recovery. There is a demo version that you can use to see whether anything could be recovered.

    One problem is that the music has probably been overwritten by the stuff on the drive now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapper View Post
    My iMac had to go for repair and came back minus my iTunes music. Any way I can I get it back?
    And, you didn't make a backup of your data prior to having it repaired even though Apple recommends doing so?

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