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    Itunes and IPOD using MAC
    I have songs on my iPod that i'd like to transfer into iTunes do I do this? I'm using a mac

    Background.. I've started using a MAC, my library was copied over by Apple, but I've missed a couple of songs. These songs are on my IPOD and I'd like to transfer to ITUNES library but the sync options are to transfer from Library to IPOD.

    Are there any other ways to do this?


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    Yes, there are ways to do it but only by using third party software. Otherwise, if you try to sync the other way you'll wind up losing your music.

    Take a look at "Senuti" which is third party software that will allow you to sync back to iTunes, however, the app is not free. ($18.00) Make sure you download the Mac version not the Windows version.

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