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Thread: Errors when attempting to copy Lg files on USB drive

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    Angry Errors when attempting to copy Lg files on USB drive
    I purchased a large volume USB flash drive. Every time a try to copy files tis drive, I get an error message and then the Mac ejects the drive. I'm sorry, but i didn't save the error code/ So I have 2 issues: Can I somehow find a log of the errors received, and how can I correct this problem. I have tried copying large rules, such as Aperture, and get the error EVERY time. I need help from those more able to determine the problem than I am.

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    Welcome to the forums.
    What brand / model / size is this USB flash drive ?
    How is it formatted ? ( FAT32 / NTFS / other ) ?
    Are the files you are copying larger than 4 GB in size ?
    What is the exact error code/message that shows on the screen ?

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevocarp View Post
    ... I get an error message and then the Mac ejects the drive.
    That makes me think: "incorrectly reported capacity" - which is really just a polite way of saying "fake USB drive"

    In addition to McBie's excellent questions, may I ask, where did you buy it from? There are so many USB/SD fakes on [something]bay and [someone]list, it's just not worth the risk anymore.

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    Does the flash drive require formatting? If to be used exclusively on your Mac format Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Have a read of this but make sure you do not select MS DOS in step 3, but Mac OS Extended:-
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