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    May 14, 2014
    Need help with Mac Mini mid 2011
    Hi there guys,
    recently I just decided to try to bootcamp my system. The first time I decided to do it, I downloaded Windows Support Software and did the installation. However, when I got to the hard drive part after trying to install Windows, it asked me which hard drive to partition it on. I drive the bootcamp one and formatted it and tried to click on next. However, there was a problem that it could not format the partition or something like that. I searched it up and apparently I had to do it again except this time remove all hard drives. I tried it again and got to the bootcamp again. However, when I tried to restart the computer with the hard drive for bootcamp inside it, it says no system disk, enter key. I tried entering any key but it did not work. I searched it up online and found out that I needed to unplug the hard drive. I unplugged it and restarted the computer. Now, it says no disk for upgrading or something and I have to reinsert it. Please help! I've tried restarting it several times but it always shows up this two messages depending on the hard drive and is it plugged in or not. By they way guys, the Mac Mini has another hard drive inside it. I tried holding the option key and cmd-r but they both don't work. Please help!

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    late 2012 mini w/SSD
    I'd try resetting parameter ram - command-option-p-r at startup until you hear a repeat gong sound.
    The "no option menu" doesn't sound good...

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