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    Shared Folder (read-only) issue
    Hi everyone I am new here. So any help is greatly appreciated. A short background. I have used Mac personally for years. I work in a small 4 person where three of us have iMac's and one of us is on a Mac Air.

    Our office computers are all networked, then backed up to an airport extreme.

    For some reason when I add a folder to be shared from my computer to another user, that user can only open files as read-only. Under get info-> Permissions they are set as Read&Write allowed. Under system Preferences-> Sharing They also appear as read&write allowed under that folder. This is extremely frustrating as we cannot edit the same files with one another.

    Anything I am missing? Please help.

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    How are you sharing the files (AFP, SMB, FTP, NFS, etc.)? Different solutions are required for different protocols since they all do things a little differently.

    By default, the file sharing features built into OS X default to both AFP and SMB. I think both might be very picky about usernames being exact (case sensitive). Have you tried accessing your files from another machine using your credentials?
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    I have both AFP and SMB enabled.

    I can login with my credentials at any other terminal and access my folders without getting the read-only message. However, this also opens up my entire computer to that other user.

    I am going to check the case sensitivity, I have a feeling people may be putting their credentials in as lowercase. They still get access though.

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