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I was a "died in the wool" PC user for a couple of decades. I reluctantly tried the Mac world three years ago when I purchased a used iMac. A year later I purchased a new MBP 15" . I purchased and installed Parallels and Windows 7 for the MBP. So now l have the best of both worlds. I use the Mac software 95% of the time. There are a few windows programs I need to run, and so do with Parallels. That works very well. I recommend you look into either Parallels or Bootcamp and put Windows on it. I'd suggest going to Windows 7 rather than Windows XP. Not sure you can legally install your copy of Windows XP on your Mac computer. I am now really into the Mac world, still using the old iMac (still running Snow Leopard because it can't be upgraded to Mavericks) with an external monitor, my MBP 15". also with an external monitor (two computers side by side with four screens, nice computing station), and use an iPad and iPhone. I have a PC with Widows 7 installed, but never turn it on. Windows 7 on the MBP runs very well. If you do that, I suggest getting 8 GBytes of memory. Don't be afraid of the Mac world, jump in with both feet and you will love it!
Thanks for the reply. Several weeks on... getting to grips with OSX. It turns out that I couldn't have installed Windows XP on the iMac anyway - only options are for Windows 7 or 8 in Bootcamp.

My husband bought a Dell XPS 2720 and we have managed to connect both the iMac and Dell as well as several mobile devices to a printer. I have managed to install and use 'Wine' to use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) - a Windows-based programme. Still to see whether I can get Memory Map to work in the same way, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Whether the transfer to an iMac proves a good decision in the long run is difficult to tell at the moment since it is such a big leap. Certainly, it looks like editing video footage from my iPhone (on Safari in Africa) will be easier. And as for looks - well the iMac beats a Dell any day. That's apart from the ridiculous problems encountered trying to order from Dell - but that's a whole different story.