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    iCloud email alias
    How to set up an additional iCloud email account

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    Do you want an alias or another account?

    To set up another account you need to set up another Apple ID at
    Then login to icloud with that Apple ID.

    To set up an alias, login to your iCloud account at
    click the Mail icon
    then click on the 'gear' icon at the bottom left side and select Preferences
    then select 'Accounts'
    Don't really know if/nor how many aliases you're allowed - my alias addresses have been imported from previous Apple services and indicates I have the maximum permitted with 4 addresses - each of which I can use @ mac, me, or
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    I have a BUNCH, all under one Apple ID.

    I have six different identities (ie the part before the @ sign) and three variations on most of them (ex.,,

    Some have only two variations because I signed up for them when first arrived.

    I hope Apple never drops the for those people who still have them. I can't see any reason why they should, and it makes incredibly happen to have it as my main email address.

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