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    new imac release
    When will it be sold

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    We always get questions of when such and such an Apple device will be refreshed or when is a new model going to appear. The answer is always the same, we don't know because Apple closely guards that information.

    However, I can tell you this much: The latest iMac was refreshed late last year (2013) and the normal refresh cycle for the iMac has varied anywhere from 12 to 18 months. If you're planning on buying one, buy it now or wait it out.

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    I wonder if they will get slimmer. They seem impossibly slim now as it is.

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    My **guess** would be that the form factor will stay basically the same. They have essentially perfected it IMO and there's not a lot else to do with the iMac design-wise until SSD gets much cheaper or they totally reinvent the thing to be nothing like the current one.

    I imagine the next one will have the "Haswell 2" chips and some internal improvements (like adopting the PCI flash storage connector to speed that up), but not look that different.

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