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    Time Machine Back-up failed
    Mt time capsule is connected to my IMAC and is giving me a message that the back-up has failed. At the same time my HP7200 series wireless printer shows no printer connected. The same thing happened last week and I had to reset everything, which seemed to fix the issues for a few days but now it's happening again. Any thoughts?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    The time machine filling up has nothing to do with your inability to connect to a wireless printer. A reset will clear up any issues with the wireless access, but the time machine is still going to be filled up.

    You can clean up some space by going into the Time Machine utility and going to the oldest backup and dragging it to the trash bin, do this for a few of the old backups and you should be fine.

    TM usually deletes the older backups to make room for new ones on its own and that works most of the time..

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    The exact message I get is-
    Backup Failed
    The backup disk "time capsule" is not available

    In the past if it is full it warns me that it will erase and back-up again...this is a different message so not sure what to make of it...
    and strangely, twice, at the same time the printer "cannot be found"

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