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    Mac Mail question
    I have a question re Mac Mail preferences.

    I have a very large distribution list that I frequently use to send out group e mails. In preferences > composing I had “When sending to a group, show all member addresses" unchecked so the recipients saw "Undisclosed Recipients" in the To: field of the message.
    This raised the question - When "Undisclosed recipients" appears, can the recipient NOT "Reply to all''? I was not sure so I checked the box and now all e mail addresses appear in the sent message, not popular with some people.

    To make a short question long, can one "Reply to all" when "Undisclosed recipients" appears?

    Thank you


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    Undisclosed recipients cannot be responded to. This is like BCC in normal email parlance, ie, blind carbon copy. People can only reply back to the from email or any addresses you specifically add to the cc list..
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