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    Cool Computer choice help for audio applications!
    So I asked this here at Avid (pro tools forum) with no help. I figured you guys here could give great advice though!

    So I want to see if someone can give me advice on my PT10 rig computer setup.
    Right now I run 10 (not HD) on a 21.5 iMac (10,1 / 3.06GHz dual core / 8gb) on Snow Leopard.
    I'm wondering if I should grab one of these affordable refurb 2008 MacPro's from macofalltrades. It's the 2x3.0 quad core Harpertown.

    Only reason I'm thinking about this is my brother would like my iMac and I could get the MacPro without putting up too much cash.

    Would this be an improvement in PT10 and overall computing performance going this route?
    I don't have too much trouble with 10 on my iMac but when I get into the 20+ track range and start using RTAS plugs on these I get occasional (but annoying) CPU usage errors. It's nothing I can't deal with but it really nerves me.


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    15" MBP '06 2.33 C2D 4GB 10.7; 13" MBA '14 1.8 i7 8GB 10.11; 21" iMac '13 2.9 i5 8GB 10.11; 6S
    Geekbench 3 scores with all cores running in 64 bit on the:
    2x3.0 Mac Pro 11,758
    Your iMac - 3,128

    You can find these scores at for comparison shopping when you're looking at buying used Macs.
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