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    imac - ical - maverick - restore
    I simply wanted to have my Imac calendar synced on my Iphone.. which i thought would be basic operation..
    So I synced my iphone and imac to icloud.
    But of course, icloud used my iphone calendar which was empty and deleted my imac calendar.. (why it doesn't even ask you which calendar U want TO SAVE OR USE??)
    So I am now trying to restore my imac calendar from Time Machine. (Just to make sure: Enter Time Machine/ the date/ and then? What is the path to access the RIGHT Calendar folder?)
    Then, Time Machine is asking where to put the Calendar folders (exact Path please? )

    I use maverick and I have no idea where to restore the calendar folder.
    Many thanks.

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    ~ is your home folder.
    Library is hidden. You can get to it by holding option and selecting the Go menu.
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