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    Keyboard Compatability
    I recently decided to learn what Macintoshes were all about. I bought a G4, complete, and a manual.

    As soon as I started trying to use the manual I found out that the whole bottom row of keys didn't work.

    I don't have money for a real Mac keyboard right now, and I have heard some things about using a PC keyboard with a Mac. I have a number of PC keyboards and tried one on the Mac. As I remember it, it didn't boot up.

    Without damaging the G4, what should my next step be?

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    As long as the keyboard is USB...most keyboards should work. A special key here or a special key there may not work. But certainly all of the letters, numbers, shift, and enter keys should work.

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    Yep. Mac Minis do not come with a keyboard. Apple does not even claim that you should use one of theirs. I use a non-Apple keyboard and mouse (and monitor) with my Mini. You shouldn't have major problems doing that.

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