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    Refurbs: 2012 Mac mini 2.6GHz i7 vs. 2011 iMac 21.5 2.8GHz i7
    The mini is $759, the iMac $1019. GB scores seem to make it a no-brainer, but I wonder about the GPUs: Intel HD 4000 (mini) vs. AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB (iMac). I'm not really a gamer, just Photoshop. I also know it's easy to find an inexpensive display, especially a 21.5", but I wonder if the iMac's monitor still reigns over other monitors, unless you're getting a higher-end Samsung, etc. (I don't care too much either about the glare on the 2011s, to which I'm still drawn for their RAM upgradeability, optical drives, and simpler display construction).


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    Go with the Mini.
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    The iMac graphics chipset is much better than the Mini, that's for sure. But in my opinion, the iMac is overpriced. Brand new in 2011 that same machine sold for $1099 here in the US. I know, because I bought one... However, the display on the iMac is really nice so it's a tough decision to make. I personally would choose the iMac. (That iMac also has an optical drive, the Mini does not.) Also, the 2011 iMac can accept 32 GB of memory, the Mini can only accept 16 GB.

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