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    Question Worth it to upgrade or not?
    I have been a PC guy for a very long time, but recently I've been switching over to the macs, I bought my iBook a couple years ago and have been using it almost more than my PC now. I have some questions about an older powermac I just recently picked up.
    Its a Powermac G4, a 350Mhz "Yikes" machine.
    512Mb Memory.
    I looked at upgrading the processor and it seems Sonnet is the way to go.
    Sonnet offers a 500Mhz upgrade for about $150 and a 1Ghz upgrade for around $350.

    Now my question is, is it even worth upgrading? I honestly don't want to spend a lot on this machine but I would like it usable with OSX (internet, email, basic office tasks).

    Is 500Mhz a good jump without spending a lot? Is 1Ghz even worth $350, when I could spend around $500 for a mini?

    I'd hate to have to scrap it, its just the way I am when it comes to computers. Is it even really worth much if I decided to sell it?

    I'd appreciate any input you guys can give me.

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    i dont have no mac's
    my g4 powerbook is 1ghz and it is still pretty fast (compated to my dual 2.7ghz powermac). 500mhz should be pretty fast as well for what you seem to want to do with it.

    if you are looking for simple things to do like word processing email internet this computer is fine in its current condition. it may begin to get slow if you do video editing, photoshopping etc.

    i would wait to decide if you want to upgrade or not...see how things go etc...

    if you dont want it im driving through ct on the 24th and will pick it up
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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    Perhaps sell that PM, and out the $$ toward an intel Mac Mini*when it comes*

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    Look it up at Low End Mac - They'll have all the info you need.

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    If you want to keep the powermac

    - upgrade to 1 ghz if you dont want to spend much ( the 500 mhz is not worth it)


    You could wait for the intel mini. personaly I would wait.

    EDIT: Sorry I thought he was upgrading his ibook

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