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Thread: 20" Imac G5 crashing!

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    20" Imac G5 crashing!
    I've been running my first Mac since about Oct. of last year. It's been pretty good up until the last three weeks or so. My 20" Imac G5 has been locking up, not responding, going into a fault mode and telling me to restart. It's been intermitant, but more so the last couple of weeks. The only other programs that have been installed on the computer (other than what comes stock) is MS OFFICE Suite, FireFox, and a remote desktop thing from Mircrosoft. I also installed a second stick of RAM when I bought it.

    The Ram was not from the Apple store, but the guy at COMPUSA told me that this was the only RAM that he had, that would work.

    I've been through all the utilities and scanned and fixed all the permissions on everything. Just kept on doing it and with seemingly more frequency.

    For the heck of it, I took out the after market RAM and am now back to my stock 512. Any other ideas as to what can be causing it to crash? Hasn't crashed since, but I only used it for a brief amount of time after I took the stick out.


    I have the 3yr Apple Care but because it's intermitant, I really have no idea what to tell them.

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    What CPU is in your iMac? Speed?

    I would say keep running it with the 512 Megs RAM and see if it is stable. If so, it's the RAM. Just out of curiosity, what brand is the after market RAM you got from CUSA?

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    i bet the ram you took out has become faulty, bring it back to compusa or contact the manufacturer and hopefully it has a lifetime guarantee.

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    Not sure what the manufacturer is but it's been stable ever since I took it out. Hopefully a sign of what's to come. Guess that's why you pay so much for the Ram at the APPLE STORE. I don't really play games or run huge application, but I do surf the net. Not sure if I'll bump the Ram back up with Apple Ram but if things aren't as fast... you can bet I'll be droping the $$.

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    Does the comp freeze and the screen becomes grainy(hard to read) and do the fans go loud?

    Drive it to the nearest mac athorizred retailer
    Call apple for retailers near by.

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    We'll I had a feeling that it was the RAM, and took the 512 stick out that I had added prior to the replies that I had got - thanks for the replies. Figured that it wouldn't hurt and it would be a simple test. Been a week now and not one crash, not one restart, not one weird thing at all.
    Yes the fans did go loud, and sometimes the computer would to a dark screen with messages in different languages. Sometimes it would just stop working all together. Applications would start and then stop during load... etc. etc. Removed the RAM and it's like a new computer.

    The RAM was made by CENTON or CETON. Anyway, guess it pays to use the stuff that the apple store sells.

    Lesson learned.

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