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    Canon MP360 doesn't play with mini.
    I'm looking now for a new printer unless someone can provide with a workaround/hack/driver.

    What kind of printer are you using with your mac? I do a lot of work in photoshop and i print up all kinds of stuff. Has to be good at printing pictures and flatbed scanner is preference.

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    Found this through google in another forum:

    Mac printer driver for Canon imageCLASS MP360
    I wanted to print from a Mac running OSX 10.4 to a Canon imageCLASS MP360. No drivers are available from Canon.

    I found two solutions.

    Solution 1 - Use the Apple supplied Canon drivers; choose Canon, then select the GIMP Canon BJC-8200 driver.

    This driver prints in color, but at a very rough, draft resolution - about the same as screen resolution. Only useful if you don't mind your text & images very pixelated.

    Solution 2 - Use the PrintFab printer driver.

    This is a commercial printer driver (currently priced more than some Inkjets at EUR49!) available from Results were very good, with support to print up to 4800dpi. A 30 day trial of the driver is available.

    Both these drivers worked with the printer shared from a Windows PC.
    I have not tried it with the printer connected directly to the Mac.

    These solutions will probably work for other imageCLASS printers, e.g. MP370 & MP390.

    Personally, I'd sell it and get a different model. Sucks, but you'd not be getting the full value out of it otherwise.

    I just helped my mum pick out an epson all in one, they're very nice and ink isn't too expensive either!

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