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    Life Expectancy of iMac
    I'm wondering how long I can expect my iMac G5, Model Identifier iMac 8,1 to last. I don't have a sales receipt but think I bought it about 5 years ago. I have no need for the capabilities of expense of a new computer which, if I understand correctly, would now include the cost of new programs (office, photoshop, quicken, etc) because the ones I have now will not work with whatever version of OS X is current. I also worry that files that I have saved in my current programs will not convert for use with new ones.
    Everything is backed up on a MyBook - will this work with a new computer?

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    It's not a G5 - the last G5 was made in '05 or '06.

    You can expect them last anywhere between 1yr and 1 day up to as many years as you may be willing to use it. While I doubt anyone would want to use them, I know folks that have computers from the 1980s that are still operational.

    That's sort of like asking, "I bought a new car in 1995, how long can I expect it to last?".
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    Many folks consider the "useful" life of a computer to be around 3-5 years. But that certainly doesn't mean that a computer cannot last MUCH longer...or be useful MUCH longer. But for folks with high computing demands...this can be a lot shorter...or a lot longer for folks with less demanding needs.

    It's really all about...can the computer do what you need it to do...and do it in a useful manner.

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    Well good news if it actually an 8.1 model iMac so first check that out in Apple System profiler (About this Mac).

    Mactracker tells us the 8.1 is a mid 2008 model, 2.4 or 2.6GHz, capable of running the latest operating system, OS X.9 Mavericks, so you will not need anything new nor lose any files. Make sure you backup to an external prior to upgrading the operating system. If you are running OS X>6.8 or later, Mavericks is a special price ~ free. If Leopard OS X.5, purchase OS X.6 Snow Leopard from Apple online.
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    System Profiler says 8.1 and 2.8 GHZ and I upgraded to 10.6.8 which does everything I need. I'll check out Mavericks, though. The price is right !

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    The big bottleneck on these older machines is their limited graphics capability, which is a nonissue if you are only using your computer for basic tasks: office use, web browsing, music, etc. A friend of mine who is a photographer still uses a 2007 iMac for basic photo editing and it is adequate. Many of these tasks were easily handled by computers in the early to mid 2000s and they still work just fine, especially if they were higher end systems like iMacs to start with.

    I hang on some forums that talk classic computing a lot and there are guys out there still using old things like Amigas, Atari STs, and the like for everyday computing tasks. My System 7 setup on Basilisk is still adequate for web browsing as well. Really it just depends on how happy you are with your existing machines.

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