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    High end imac vs base mac pro
    I'm a professional editor/graphics dude that works in an office that have older model mac pros. For personal use, I have a 5 yr old MBP, so I'm looking to upgrade.

    I had put in an order for a 27 imac, which is about $2600, then I figured that since I'm close to the cost of a mac pro, maybe i need to rethink. I have a monitor, but in terms of workflow for editing and AF...should I just step up to the MP?


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    As I'm guessing you know...the "new" Mac Pro" was only released recently...and because of supply issues...not many folks have actually gotten them yet (including reviewers).

    I would wait until a good comprehensive review is written (with benchmarks) you can compare the benchmarks of the iMac you're interested in to the new Mac order to make an informed decision.

    It certainly sounds like the cost of the iMac you were thinking of ($2600) is certainly not far off of the $2999 entry level new Mac Pro...thus certainly worth considering.

    My guess is the new Mac Pro's benchmarks should "blow the doors" off the iMac. But since the new Mac Pro you are considering (entry level) may have some downsides (allowing for the $2999 price)...sometimes it's best to wait for the benchmarks.

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    I know. Every review that I have read, were based on the 8 core nMP. My imac i7 is on backorder also (I was trying to get one before the end of the year..for a tax writeoff), so I was trying to decide rather to cancel that order....UGH!

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    AnandTech had quite a bit to say recently about the 2013 Mac Pro. Some of the information there may be helpful to you.

    I may be looking for a new machine soon so I read this with interest. My initial reaction is that the Mac Pro might be right for me long term though I don't need that much machine at the moment. By the end of the article I was beginning to think a Haswell-based iMac might be better. Most of the software I use is consumer level stuff that might not make full use of the Mac Pro. Your mileage and needs may be different.

    My apologies to whomever posted the link to this recently. I'd give proper credit if I weren't experiencing brain freeze at the moment.

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    My apologies to whomever posted the link to this recently. I'd give proper credit if I weren't experiencing brain freeze at the moment.
    It was Dennis.

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    Thanks for the link Slydude. I must say that I didn't really understand 70% of what I read, but I did come away with some observations. AF will run better on the imac due to the nivida graphic card. Also, the new mac pro is built mainly for FCP X, but what about other software? I'm not a graphics guru in terms of 3d stuff outside of after effects, however in terms of story telling, grading, multiple filters on a clip, and compressions...which could handle the load the best?

    I guess it comes down to which would be more efficient in the long run within that $2500 to $3500 price range. Will the maxed out imac be maxed out compared to the low end mac pro?

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