So, I got my first Mac at home this week (I work on Mac's at work), and it is a refurbished mini. Since I had an extra stick of RAM laying here, I thought that I would try popping open the mini. Since I just finished remodeling my house, I have lots of putty knives of all shapes and sizes (from 3/4" to 30"). The putty knife that I found to be the absolute best for opening the mini is the "Goodell 1 1/4" Flex." When I was at Home Depot, I checked the price, and they sell for under $2.00. This knife is very thin, not too wide, and has just the right amount of flexibility. Opening the mini with this thing was a real breeze!

Goodell 1 1/4" Flex.

Also, I found that my Mini has a 5400 RPM hdd in it.