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    problem with cd drive
    I have a mac G4 desktop. Recently when I attempt to rip cds to my comp my drive apparently has a hard time reading the disc and the tracks come up all jumbled (like they will skip all over the place while playing them). This happens in itunes when running directly off the disc as well as once they are ripped.

    My question is, is there any way to fix this? if not can you buy new internal drives for your mac? and are they relatively easy to install? (i have experience building pc computers but havent done anything in my mac due to lack of options)


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    1)first check the basics.. is the cd scratched? I have had the same problem when i thought it was a clean cd and when i took it out it was very much scratched.. it was not my disk that is why i thought it would be good.. so check that..

    2) you can buy new internal drives for your mac and they are also very easy to insall, very much like a pc when dealing with the tower systems that mac makes (powermac). If you don't feel like installing a new internal drive you can buy a variety of different external drives that will work with your mac.

    good luck.
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    im pretty positive it isnt the disc. it happens on maybe 1/2-3/4 of my cds (and i have a LOT of cds). Many of these are BRAND new as in I open the sealed cd at my computer and pop it in and this happens. Also sometimes all it takes to fix it is to open the cd tray and insert the disc again... but that doesnt always work.

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    ok i went to frys and they said they dont carry mac internal drives. i looked online and i couldnt find them online... are you sure they exist? if so you know where to find them?


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    i dont have no mac's
    almost all drives are mac & pc compatible...i sent you a pm with a link
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    Quote Originally Posted by coach_z
    almost all drives are mac & pc compatible...i sent you a pm with a link

    you sure most are? when i went to frys the lady who ran that section was POSITIVE none were mac compatible (and the ones i looked at didnt mention macs at all and the system reqs said windows xp and such)

    not saying your wrong maybe i didnt see something or frys just carries the select few that dont

    Oh and also keep in mind im talking INTERNAL drives. most of the ones in the link you sent me appeared to be external.
    but thanks for the link

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    hmmm i found this from that link

    you think that would work? is that a reputable company?

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