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Thread: ~library/application support/mobilesync/backup/

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    I am going into this file to see if I am able to recover "messages" My mother died of ALS in November and I would like to save the conversations that I had with her. Does anyone know how I can do that?

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    From the Finder head to the "GO" Menu and choose "Go to Folder".
    in Mountain Lion I think the files are in ~/Library/Messages
    If you are on Mavericks the files are in ~/Library/Containers/,

    In Mavericks the files are stored in folders by date. Open a folder and you can see files for any person you had a conversation with on that date. If you double click a file it will open allowing you to see the message content.

    There may be a subfolder there with attachments as well. Not sure how many messages will be there. I don't think the archive messages function is on by default.

    Edit: Possibly helpful

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