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    iMac as a target display mode
    i bought new 27" iMac late 2013.
    We know iMac can be use as a monitor with target display mode connection (with thunderbolt equipped macs)
    1- I have also an old mac mini with dvi output
    2- May i use iMac as a monitor with Mac mini with dvi to thunderbolt adapter or converter
    3- If yes Is operating system of mac mini (OS x 10.4) has any negative effect to this connection (maverick on iMac)
    4-I s anyone who tried to use dvi output equipped device on iMac (as a monitor of course)

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    2. yes - but, it will require an active adapter to convert the signal

    A passive adapter relies on the video card to recognize what is attached to it and output the appropriate signal for the monitor.
    OS X 10.4 and/or the video cards from that era have no idea what displayport is and would have no idea how to output such a signal.

    You will need something like this. Note: that one did not work with the 27" Apple displays when they initially came out - have no idea if Gefen came out with a patch or a new adapter - but, a converter similar to this is what you'll need - read reviews before buying.
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    Dec 26, 2013
    imac as target display mode
    Many Thanks.

    I read the comments about GEFEN DVI to mini displayport converter.
    It is not compatible with 27" i mac as you say. Plus Attention someone report damage for the port of the 27" iMac.

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