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    Problem with IMac display

    My father and I both own iMac 8,1 and mine has absolutely no problem.
    My father's screen is darkened at the top half of the screen, although you can still see through the darkened area. It's as though there is a "shaded" area at the top. The bottom half of the screen is fine.

    I tried various display setting resets and everything I can think of, to no avail. I took a screen shot and sent it to my own computer, but the screen shot looks fine from here.

    I am thinking it is a hardware problem and may need technician. Can anyone help or suggest what might be happening here?


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    That's undoubtedly a hardware problem. It could be a loose connection, or perhaps the backlight is partially defective. You'd really need an expert to look at it.

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    I had that happen when I was inside my iMac G5. When I put it back together one time in a hurry, I forgot to plug in the wires from the Top back light to the inverter. So it's either a Backlight issue or maybe inverter issue as most iMacs I have worked on have 2 sets of wires from the inverter to the LCD or a wire come looks like LB stated above.

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    It could be the LED Inverter or the LCD. Most backlight problems I've seen have been caused by the LCD, although in these instances one side was darker than the other, not top to bottom as per the original post.

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