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    Mac Pro 5.1 with 12-core vs Mac Pro 6.1 with 4-core
    I am new to this forum.

    For the same amount of money would you bought an used MP 5.1 with 12-core or waited for the new MP 6.1 with 4-core?

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    Difficult to answer at the moment. We have not seen benchmarks for the new Mac Pro yet. More cpu cores does not always mean more processing power. As an older 8-core Mac Pro has less processing power than a newer 4-core iMac.

    Also the new Mac Pro is supposed to have outstanding graphics processing power (something else to consider).

    So we will have to wait & see.

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    From the bench marks as per the graphics side, while the 300s are OK. The 500s seem to be twice as fast and very very comparable to modern gaming cards ( Nvidia 700 series) even in heavy 3D games like Crysis, Skyrum and of course WoW. Keep in mind the 300s are more comparable to the NV 560Ti and there are two in every system. Now on the CPU side of the house, specification while. Well it looks promising. But I am waiting on some results from Anandtech to see any solid comparisons myself.

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    The 500s seem to be twice as fast and very very comparable to modern gaming cards ( Nvidia 700 series) even in heavy 3D games like Crysis, Skyrum and of course WoW.
    Yeah, but can I run Solsuite on it? (You can tell what kind of gamer I am.)

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    Wow Charlie Solsuite? You must be well over ninety old fella!
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    No x64 benchmarks yet but the new 3GHz 8-core Mac Pro is equal with the 2010 12 core 2.6GHz Mac Pro and is still beaten by the 2010 and 2012 12 core Mac Pro's running at 3GHz.

    Link to GeekBench results. Clicky

    I still want the new Mac Pro badly, it is just an incredible feat of engineering.

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