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    Network home folders clients freezing
    Dearl All,

    We are experiencing this problem for which apple was not able to help with.
    Our network users are randomly experiencing problems of spinning beach ball and unresponsive computers. We run 10.8.5 server and 10.8.5 client , we found some guy reporting a fix by redirecting the user's caches on the local client drive through a script for LoginHook. So far we have not found a definitive fix. is there any Mac Sys Admin with large macs deployment in this forum that could give me any advice?
    I have not published the apple discussion link, as i do not know if is ok with this forum. though it is pretty much searchable with the subject above if you need reference to answer me here at mac forums.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Going Galt...
    So, based on the title, are these "network home folders" in fact a NFS file system mounted to clients from a server?

    For example, here at work, my Unix user account is local to my machine because it has NIS and NFS hook in from another server...

    root@en0r1s02 /# su - xxxxxx
    xxxxxx@en0r1s02 /home/nfs/xxxxxx# pwd
    xxxxxx@en0r1s02 /home/nfs/xxxxxx# df -g .
    Filesystem GB blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
    pinfs120:/export/home 12.00 5.58 54% 38037 3% /home/nfs

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    Hi Xj-Linux,

    Thanks for your reply but I think your setup scenario is different from ours:

    The home folders are stored on the mac server, the authentication is via Open Directory, all the users are network users. The users' macs are bonded with the macserver.
    e.g. iMac1, user frankie logs in, accessing the home folder on the server. this is via AFP protocol.
    the LoginHook script tells the iMac1 to create and refer the "Caches" folder for the user frankie on the local imac1 hd which usually is within /frankie/Library/Caches/ therefore when the user logs the caches file would be written and read within the local imac1 hd /Library/Caches/.

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