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    Mac Mini - Is it worth waiting for Intel?
    I have asked a few people about this and still cannot decide.

    Basically, I want a mac and the mac mini looks like a likely option, but I am not sure if it is worth waiting for Intel processors on them or not.

    What do you think?

    Would the Intel processor in it be that more powerful or not?

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    I have the 1.25ghz model, and it is fast enough for me to run safari, word, excel, quicktime, fire chat, and a few other programs at once. I did upgrade the memory to 1GB when I got it.

    I really like the macmini, but I recommend you go to an apple store, and play around with one, then decide if you like what they have now, or want to wait.

    I am trying to sell mine by the way if you are interested?

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    Yeh, I was going to upgrade memory to 1GB too (on 1.42GHz model). I'm not really interested in buying a used one. I'm slightly put off that idea after the eMac I bought off someone doesn't even turn on. Anyway, I think the Mac Mini should be quick enough for me, I only want it for general usage (internet mainly) and would be using my Windows machine for gaming.

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