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    Intel iMac dead pixel problem fixed?
    I have heard that Apple fixed the problem with it's dead pixels in iMac's (Intel). Is this true? I was looking into an iMac and saw this problem arise and it scared me out of thinking of the new iMac as an option...

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    My 20" Intel had a dead pixel. I sent it back and ordered another one yesterday (that shipped yesterday and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! Dang!), and I hope it doesn't have any problems.

    Dead pixels don't have anything to do with processors. The only way to "fix" the problem as I understand it is to really tighten up on quality control. Of course, that could cause the prices of products to rise.

    Let's just hope you and I (and everyone else here) don't get any dead pixels.

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    I don't think mine had any on my 17" but I suspect 20" are more probable to have them just because it's more surface area.

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    I heard it was prevalent in the 256MB video cards rather than the 128 (17''). We'll see.

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