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Thread: G3 Ethernet Connection

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    G3 Ethernet Connection
    I have a blue and white G3 power mac using OS9.2. I'm a little mac stupid so forgive me I got this used to learn on. Anyway I have cable internet and am trying to connect this to the internet using the ethernet connection. I'm not using a router or anything just going straight in using comcast cable. It had the ethernet card on it when I got it and it showed saved favorites on internet explorer so I assume it had previously been connected. Anyway I know I'm getting an internet connection to it because if I plug in my notebook it works fine and when I turn the mac on the lights all work like it's getting a signal to the cable modem from the computer and the light on the ethernet card lights up like it's also getting a signal but I cannot connect. I've checked the settings under tcp/ip and it shows to connect using Dhcp server and it automatically receives an ip address which it does get a new one each time I check. I've run the internet setup helper program a couple of times as well. Any other ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I'm sure there is just a setting I'm missing.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm assuming your comcast connection uses DHCP... Open the TCP/IP control panel and select connect using ethernet and tell it to use DHCP. You should be up and running. If that doesn't work contact Comcast to find out if you need to mannually in-put the IP address or use some other protocol.

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    I did select that option. I even called comast and told them the deal. The guy didn't really seem to understand a lot about what was going on. As far as I understand it should select the ip address automatically for comcast. I may give them a call later and see if I get somebody else who might understand things a little better. Thanks for the reply.

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    Found the problem. Bad ethernet cable. It was connecting, but intermittently. New cable fixed the problem and I'm online with my mac ready to ask lots of crazy stupid questions I'm sure. Thanks again for the response.

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