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Thread: Appleworks on my Intel Dc imac

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    Appleworks on my Intel Dc imac
    When i bought my Imac Intel I connected it to my G5 Imac and did a file transfer migration thingy.....

    Anyhow I have been asked by a few people if the New Intel machines come with Appleworks, and everyone around me is say no no no. It wont run on an Intel Machine even with Rossetta.

    So on Sunday i was playing around and found that Appleworks is alive and functional on my DC Imac. So was this just migrated over via the file transfer wehn i connected the two machines???

    Also since Appleowrks is like dog poo off a teflon shovel why did they not include it as a matter of course with the DC Imacs?

    Also what sort of programs did other people get bundled with their DC Imacs, I got Comic Life and also some board game selection.

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    The software bundle for the Core Duo iMac includes
    iLife 06 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand), Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive, iWork (30-day trial), Quicken 2006 for Macintosh, Big Bang Board Games, Comic Life, Omni Outliner, and Apple Hardware Test
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    So AppleWorks was probably copied from your older machine. No idea why anyone would say it wouldn't work in Rosetta, but Apple's been trying to kill it off (and replace it with iWork) so I'll be that's why it's not included by default.

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    I can think why they would want to kill off Appleworks, as far as I can see its a closer match for Office than any other program I have come accross. Why not release it in a fancy new release with the new main OSX release!

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    Older versions of AW - 5 or older - require classic or pre- OS X systems and won't work in Rosetta on Intel Macs. AW 6 works under X and from reports at sites like Macintouch works normally under Rosetta. AW has always been a good program but Apple seems to feel that it's not worth further development.

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