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Thread: Do you partition your internal Sata drives?

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    Do you partition your internal Sata drives?
    I'm about to start running Protools 10HDX on my new 12 core Mac Pro. I got 2 extra 1TB Sata drives installed to use for session drives. Should I partition them or not? I know for years we always did on the old G5s but not sure with the new Intels.

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    Yes, if they are new drives that you installed yourself then go ahead and partition them, otherwise the Mac might not have read/write access to them. I'm not sure how you did it on the PPC machines but on Intels, open up Disk Utility and select your new drives.

    Click on the partition tab.
    Under "partition layout" select 1 partition (unless for some reason you want more than one on each drive)
    Name the drive whatever you want.
    Under format, select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" <- this is important
    Click on options and make sure "GUID Partition Table" is selected then click ok.

    Click apply and it will begin the partitioning process.

    If they are drives that you had Apple install for you then they are probably good to go as is.

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