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    Feb 24, 2013
    please help problem with a imac g4 asap!
    i just got a imac g4 it will not boot. it goes to the apple logo and stays there. thats not the problem know i need to boot from cd yet i have only got a windows keyboard. it will not recognize it it recognized my mouse but not my keyboard

    please reply!

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    Feb 24, 2013
    guys please reply i need help asap!

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    Unless this keyboard is wireless, it should recognize it just fine.

    If it is wireless, forget it. Get a wired USB keyboard (should be able to pick one up from nearly anyone you know, or if all else fails a thrift store for <$10) and plug it in.

    Holding down the C key should get the disks to boot (I'm assuming they are the original, machine-specific disks that came with that iMac, otherwise they're not going to work).

    Needless to say I wouldn't spend any significant money fixing a machine that ancient up if it turns out to be something more than a dead hard drive ...

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