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    Mac mini to Auria monitor_Need cable to get 2560 rez
    I have the new mini iCore7 and an Auria EQ276W monitor. I understand I can use a dual-link DVI from the mini to the Auria to get the full 2560x1440 resolution. But is there a DP cable that will do the same?

    I'm trying to avoid having to buy the active dual-link converter to hook a dual-link DVI from the Auria to the Mini; it costs around $100. I saw a mini DP to DP cable by Monoprice on Amazon, but am not sure it will work. Thoughts?

    Here's the Amazon link: Monoprice 6ft 32AWG Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable - White: Electronics

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    No, a single link DVI is not capable of passing through that high a resolution.
    To get there, you will need a dual link DVI cable.

    In general use if you remember this - the max resolution for single link DVI is 1920x1200 - although it does vary from that depending on whether you're using a 16:10, 16:9, 4:3 monitor.

    You can head direct to monoprice for the cable - link.
    .................................................. .

    After doing all that, then realized you don't have a DVI port on that Mac - not sure why even ask about DVI.

    Am thinking displayport max resolution is 2560x1600.
    That cable should work.
    I am "assuming" the monitor has a displayport.

    With 15 1 star reviews at Amazon on that cable, I would buy it direct from monoprice however. Get their warranty which you're not going to get buying via 2 additional resellers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    You can head direct to monoprice for the cable - link.
    .................................................. .
    Nice find Tom. A much better price than the $99 cable from Apple that I use with a 30" Apple Cinema Display!

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