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    Feb 18, 2013
    Question about the screen distance with Mac Pro.
    I just got a 12 core Mac Pro and need to have it about 20' from the screen, trackball and keyboard. Is anyone using any of those Thunderbolt extenders? Do they work? Is there another option? Best screen etc...? I have a USB extender running the distance so all I really need is the screen to be remote. Looking for a 28" to 34" screen good for music and editing. Thanks.

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    Feb 18, 2013
    So I just checked my messages and had one from the business center at the local apple store and the guy called to tell me that the Thunderbolt screen the lady showed me actually won't work with my computer and that I need an LED screen. I had another question; I bought a new movie on iTunes and when setting up the computer today I ran an old VGA screen I had with an adaptor and it worked fine but when I tried to watch the movie it wouldn't. It said something about the screen not being compatible or something. If I go led will everything view and are there extenders for led? Maybe 15' or 20'?

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