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    iMac A1173 2006 Upgrade Help Please!
    Just recently purchased an iMac with pretty modest specs on it, and seeing what and if possible to upgrade it. I was seeing what is the most affordable way to upgrade it to make it run faster and make it better for personal use

    Seeing if its possible to upgrade Processor to core 2 duo- and what is the highest processor eligible for this model to be able to upgrade

    Seeing if can upgrade ram on it- has 1gb and I know it can do 2gb but seeing if its even possible to upgrade higher and whats the highest for this model

    Seeing if I can upgrade hard drive to possible ssd to make it boot faster and run smoother and seeing whats a good possible affordable place to do so just looking for 128gb nothing higher

    Seeing any other possibilities such as dvd drive to blu ray?? or graphic card even though I dont play games on this mac seeing if it is worth it to upgrade graphics for better performance and what you might recommend

    Want to get blu tooth keyboard/mouse is it possible to use on this model

    Thanks alot appreciate any advice!!!!

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    Mactracker lists your 17" 2006 iMac as "Vintage" which means it's old. The CPU and graphics in that machine can not be upgraded as they are soldered to the motherboard (logic board). The memory specs are as follows:

    Maximum Memory 2.0 GB
    Memory Slots 2 - 200-pin PC2-5300 (667MHz) DDR2 SO-DIMM

    As to installing a SSD in that machine... it's probably not worth it as SSDs are expensive and can quite easily cost more than your machine is worth. Besides, getting inside an iMac is a difficult task as the display panel must first be removed in order to get at the inside of the machine.

    Enjoy your iMac as is, possibly adding more memory to it.

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