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    iMac Hardrive
    My 27" i-mac was recalled as one of the macs affected by the faulty 1-terabyte-seagate-harddrives. I took the iMac in they replaced the hard drive & gave it back to me.

    A few weeks later, there is a intermittent ticking noise coming from the bottom right of the screen.
    Also several times when I have turned the Mac on it has tried to load but has stayed frozen at the login screen, with half the screen white, half grey.
    Also there is a blotch on the bottom of the screen that wasn't there before the repair.

    Talking to the customer service-people at apple-care has turned me into a crazy person, as they keep telling me these are software problem & a tech person can help me on the phone
    Can anyone tell me what is actually wrong with the thing?
    I'm thinking the ticking is coming from the hard-drive & the start up screen grey/white is a graphics card failure.... Would be great if someone a little more computer-savvy than me (read - everyone) could help me out

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    Best advice: Take it back in to where the hard drive was replaced and speak to the supervisor if you don't get satisfaction with the problem. Not exactly an easy task lugging a 27" desktop around but that will be the best way to resolve this.

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    As chscag says, return it to whoever replaced the HD and be firm but polite.

    Additionally, the hard drive is situated at the centre top, not the bottom right where you hear the clicking. That's where the optical drive fan is situated. When the hard drive is replaced the LCD is removed, and should go into a protective bag until refitted, so no chance of damage. No work is undertaken in the area where you hear the clicking, so a mystery. hope you get it resolved.

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