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    Mac Mini Display on 32" LCD
    Hey guys, posted last week about getting a Mac Mini 2010 model. I got it in Saturday and love it! Upgraded to RAM to 8GB and is running smoother and better/faster than my MacBook. Anyways, the only hiccup I'm finding so far is the display on my 32" LCD television. I've tried to change the resolution in the display settings and nothing seems to be working - text is very blurry/pixeled on here. I'm using the HDMI cable to connect the Mac Mini to my television ... I've done a lot of researching and different people are suggesting DVI to HDMI adapters - but I don't have a DVI plug on the Mac Mini or on the television, so I'm not too sure how that would help, maybe I'm just ignorant in that department though.

    I was noticing, however, that there is a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter available to get, and was wondering what exactly this does? Would that help in any way if I use Thunderbolt output from the Mac Mini to connect to the HDMI input on my television? Maybe I'm missing something, or just don't understanding pixels and resolutions very well ...

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    I thought the Thunderbolt display port appeared on the 2011 model and not the 2010 ?

    Anyhow this is Apple's take on Thunderbolt with regards to displays..

    "And because Thunderbolt is based on DisplayPort technology, the video standard for high-resolution displays, any Mini DisplayPort display plugs straight into the Thunderbolt port. To connect a DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI or VGA display, just use an existing adapter." Apple (United Kingdom) - Thunderbolt: Next-generation high-speed I/O technology.

    You might want to take a look at this excellent sticky and see if you can find a solution that suits you best. It will help you identify your available ports also.

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    ^^^ There is no thunderbolt port on a 2010 model Mac Mini. You would have a HDMI port and a mini displayport on the 2010 model.

    You've tried changing the resolution from what to what?
    What is the native resolution of the 32" TV you're connecting to?
    If the TV is a 720p, that's what you need to be selecting in system preferences.
    If the native resolution is 720p, do not choose 1080p even if the TV says it will accept 1080p input because it is going to resize that input to it's native 720p.
    Most TVs with a native 720p resolution are actually 1366x768. Check if this is true for yours, then select that resolution as the output.

    And I can tell you, text from a Mac on a 720p 32" TV is going to be a little blurry compared to what it would look like from a Windows machine due to the way OS X renders fonts (for publishing - not for reading). Any sort of pics, video, etc. should look good.
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    Oh ok, my bad. I thought that Mini Display Port and Thunderbolt were essentially the same thing, after y'all said that and I did a little more research I realized that the output is the same, but the Thunderbolt also offers input for file transfer which MDP does not. Anyways, Yes, my LCD is a 720p resolution and I have set the display settings (now) to 1360x768 - it's definitely a lot easier to read the text (I had been using the 1080p setting). I guess the only reason I stuck with the 1080p setting over the 1360x768 is because with the 768 settings everything is so big on the screen, I love how small it looks with the 1080p settings - more desktop real estate to have multiple windows open and viewable at a time. But I suppose that's the tradeoff - small and somewhat blurry/fuzzy or blown up and clearer. I appreciate your guys' help in with this!

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