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    Upgrade/repair ?
    I own a B & W G3 rev 1 which I recently installed panther on. One day I got a panic kernal after a palm hot sync via an external usb hub. After talking to apple twice and numerous attempts to recover I took it to a service place and was informed my motherboard is shot. Now I am weighing my options on how to procede. I could get a new motherboard installed for about $300 and do nothing else ( do I run the risk of taxing my machine) , in addition to the new motherboard add a G4 chip updgrade for about another $300 , pull the drives from the B & W case and purchase a G4 case with similar specs to the B & W for $650. What option would you choose? what are some of the pros or cons of the options?

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    Well, my advice is to just get a new Mac. I know it's more money but it'll be well worth it. I just jumped from my beige G3 300Mhz to a 1.6 G5. The G3 was paid off in January so I think the money I paid for the G5 was well worth it. If you spend $300 or $600 to upgrade the G3 and keep it running - it's still an outdated machine, and sooner or later it will fail again. Just keep that money and put it towards the new Mac. That's what I did.

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    Upgrade, you will not regret it.

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