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Thread: Mac Pro Won't Turn On

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    Mac Pro Won't Turn On
    Okay, so I've scoured the forums and can't find an answer.

    Months ago, my mac pro would boot and an error screen would come up. A big grey screen with a giant power button logo and tons of languages saying there was an error.
    So, we backed it up onto a new Mac Pro. However, when we left it on, it would start roaring like a jet engine, even though it wasn't processing anything.

    Now, when I try to plug it in, the little indicator light on the power button comes on before I even push the button. Then I push the power button and nothing happens. It won't turn on.

    I just want to re-format it and use it as a desktop again. It's already backed up, so I'm okay with starting over. What can I do? I've taken the shell off and nothing is unseated, everything seems to be working and plugged in...

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    I'm by no means an expert on the Mac Pro, but I would certainly start by checking the power supply. You can get a good visual and step by step removal instructions by going to iFixit: The free repair manual.

    Several of our members are owners or past owners of the Mac Pro and should be able to give some better advice. Stick around for more replies.

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    Agree sure sounds like a power supply. Last one I had replaced, a model 2.1, was about AUD$400.00.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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