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    Graphics cards on new iMacs
    i am looking at the 21.5" or the 27" the seller is size yes but price as well.. is it really worth the money to have the bigger screen and better graphics card? i agree with the screen parts obvs but i am curious is there that much diff from the
    GT 650M 512MB to the GTX 660M with 512MB / GTX 675MX with 1GB
    mostly will be used on games like mmo etc i am leaning more towards the 27" with upgraded ram but is it really worth it for the graphics card? if not i may just save alot of money and get a 21.5 with upgrades.. if its not worth it just for games. I also realize games will need more memory and graphics power in the future.. just stuck in a hard spot. Opinions?

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    Start here:
    Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards - Tech

    It'll give you a good insight into comparative performance, as well as real-world game performance examples

    Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post

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    Here are a few things to keep in mind:

    -The graphics card upgrade from Apple is relativley cheap ($135) but you can't upgrade the card yourself on any model iMac. What you get is what you have for the life of the machine.

    -The RAM is upgradable on the 27 and you can slap an extra 8Gb in there for less than $65, I just did this to my brand new 27 iMac.

    -The Graphics card upgrade provides you with some kind of "future proofing" to a certain extent and will likely extend the useful life of the machine. This is never a bad thing.

    -Lastly, my standard advice. Always buy the most machine you can afford. If you can afford the card and then get extra RAM, do both (don't buy RAM from Apple, buy it 3rd party, it's cheaper). If you can only do 1 right now, get the card, you can get RAM later.

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