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    Minor drop incident with my iMac
    My iMac fell of off the coffee table. I managed to break a bit of the fall with my hand, but it did hit a space heater. When it did, the screen momentarily went blank, but the cord never came out of its back. Works fine so far, and there is no physical damage to the case.
    So, is there any long term damage or any speculation as to why it conked out? I guess it's like a concussion when you briefly black out from a blow. Makes me want to buy Apple Care just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dotdotdot View Post
    Makes me want to buy Apple Care just in case.
    Applecare does not cover accidents...only manufacturing defects. If this iMac developed a problem in the future due to this fall, if it was taken to Apple for repair, and they determined that the problem was due to a fall...then repairs would not be covered with Applecare.

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    Solid state electronics can take a fair bit of abuse. Any damage would likely occur with the HDD. If, as you say, it is working fine so far, you should be okay.

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    As Scott says, with electronics either they work or they don't and you seem to have got away lightly. Different kettle of fish if liquids of any form spilled, however. If there were to be any failures you should have experienced them by now.
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