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    G5 2.5 ghz DUAL processor - ISSUES?
    I would very much appreciate opinions and advice . . .

    As a long-time mac user, it is time to for me to upgrade - before the Intel models kick in with all of the likely transitional hassles. An authorized Apple dealer (not Internet) has offered me a NEW G5 2.5 ghz DUAL processor at a discounted price (the 2.5 Dual would cost net $250 more than a 2.0 Dual-Core).

    I have read about heat with the 2.5 Dual Processor (9 fans and water cooling). My debate: Is the 2.5 Dual a troubled machine? Would I be better off getting a slower 2.0 Dual-core machine instead? I don't want a "white elephant" and reliability/servicing issues. I have rarely had hardware issues with my G4s - and I don't want them to start now.

    Thank you.

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    I know of quite a few people with the Dual 2.5's and not heard anything negative so far. I have heard it's a good and stable machine. Anyone else with any negative comments?

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