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    Question Screen freezing/blanking when coming out of sleep

    Wonder if someone can help.

    I have a iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), that's been running fine up till about a year ago.

    Now sometimes when you take it out of sleep/wake up, one of the following will happen:
    - Screen will come on, then just go blank.
    - Screen will come on, screen freezes but the cursor will still move around, but nothing will be selectable.
    With both you can hear the hard drive and fans still spinning. The only way to bring it back is to completely power it off, and on. But sometimes after doing this, after signing in again, it my freeze or blank out again.

    When the iMac is on, its normally ok, but if after bringing out of sleep you try and open things, it can then go blank or freeze as above. But when Its been on for 5 minutes its fine and runs fine for hours or even days if you leave it on.

    It doesn't always happen, many times when you turn it on, its fine, just getting more and more...

    I have upgraded to latest OS and recently upgraded the 250gb internal hard drive to 1TB drive, I cleaned the fans out while doing this, but again issues remain.
    Can anyone suggest what could be causing this? I would be fixing it myself, as its out of warranty and more than capable of doing a full strip down.



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    Any Third Party apps - or any external drives? My computers will tend to do this when something won't let the computer sleep. For example there is an App called Jettison - that should eject all external drives when the machine goes to sleep - but since I have my iPhoto and iTunes library on an external drive - Jettison won't eject those drives - and the sleep fails. And actually - my machine behaves exactly as you describe - the screen goes blank but nothing works or it acts erratic when it comes back. I've taken to getting rid of jettison and manually ejecting drives.

    Otherwise - I would have started as you did - and clean out the insides.

    Did you follow ESD protection while replacing the drive? The other thing this sounds like is the creeping death of ESD damage.

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    Thanks for your reply IvanLasston,

    However I think you have misread my issues, I do not have issues with putting the iMac to sleep, it when I take it out off sleep or wake it :/


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    anyone help?

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