hi. i am helping a friend with their early 2006 imac intel core duo model running tiger. when they tried to startup the machine it gets to the loading bar right before the logon screen and freezes and wont move. they told me they let it run while they slept and it still was stuck at the end. i directed the over the phone through booting off the original install CD and using disk utility to verify, repair, and repair permissions. when they verified the disk it siad in greed the volume appeared to be ok. i also directed them through the safe mode startup, but the same thing happened where the bar would reach the end and the freeze. i know they can wipe the disk and reinstall, but they don't have everything backup up and that would be a last resort thing. they cant do target disk mode because their other computer just broke too. (must really stink to lose both in a week) i am not too familiar with what all of the tiger disks do, and if they need to use disk 2 for something. (they have been using disk 1 for everything i told them) if anyone els had this issue then please tell me how you solved it. they also tried replacing the ram. also if they wanted a new mac laptop on a low budget would you recommend an air, pro, or refurbished model. ask questions if you have any i can call them.