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    access to an external drive connected via USB

    i had a Lacie drive but as it did not work anymore i have decided to directely conect the drive to my mac via USB

    the drive is NOT recomised through the finder
    disk utility see it (the disk is splitted into 7 drives - 1 big disk1s2, 6 small disk1s6, disk1s7, disk1s8 , disk1s9 and disk1s10
    AND i can see it with Terminal
    0: FDisk_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk1
    1: Linux 2.0 TB disk1s2
    2: Linux_Swap 263.1 MB disk1s5
    3: Linux 8.2 MB disk1s6
    4: Linux 8.2 MB disk1s7
    5: Linux 871.8 MB disk1s8
    6: Linux 896.5 MB disk1s9
    7: Linux 8.2 MB disk1s10

    How can i access to the drive and the data ?



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    You'll need something that can read Linux formatted partitions - likely ext2/3/4

    You can get Paragon ExtFS or you could try installing a version of Linux in VirtualBox as a VM and using that to access the drive

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