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    Imac memory upgrade
    Hi Guys

    I have just upgraded my late 2011 15" 2.2 i7 Macbook Pro with a 8GB Crucial Memory upgrade. Its made a massive difference and I'm very happy with the improvements.

    So i also have decided to upgrade the memory in my 2011 27" 2.7 i5 iMac. Apple have stated that i can install a maximum of 4GB in each slot. Before i noticed this on the Apple website i followed recommendations from Crucial and purchased 16GB (2x8GB), also with the possibility of upgrading to 32GB also as stated by Crucial on their site.

    Will 8GB work ok in each of my iMac slots? Will 32GB in total work ok in my iMac?

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Ok, great. Thank you

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