I'm looking at purchasing a Mac Mini and am trying to decide if the extra $200 is worth it for the i7 processor. I do plan on installing 16 gig ram in it. Below is what I plan on using it for:

*ms outlook
*ms office
*filemaker pro
*short video editing (<15 min in length, the importing/exporting time isn't a factor just editing - I may do this once every couple of weeks
*parallel (windows 2008, 2 operating systems open) I hear this is more memory intensive then processor. - do this to learn windows 2008 maybe 3 times a week. It doesn't have to run full speed but I don't want it to freeze or watch the screen redraw itself.
*learning the mac operating system - main reason for the mac as jobs are requiring it.

I'm sure I'll use it for more but since I've never used a mac don't know what software I'll be using beyond what I use windows for.

So will a mac mini i5 work or should I go i7. I'd prefer to save the $200 and apply it towards an ipad.