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    Can 2 users share apps?
    This is my first Mac. My husband and I have separate users/accounts/profiles set up. Is there some way he and I can share the same app? I use Quicken and would like him to be able to pull it up and see how our finances are.

    I thought that I saw some setting that would allow this, but if I saw it once, I can't seem to find it again.

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    If its Quicken for mac you would need to store the quicken files in Users > Shared

    Sorry, I don't know much about Quicken so cant tell you where to find these files in your own user folder
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    And, to add to what Louishen said, when you install an APP, make sure you install it in the main Applications Folder (which is shared among all users) rather than the private Applications Folders that are a sub-folder to your User Folders.

    EDIT: Not at my Mac right now so I am going off of memory, but you also might take a peek In System Preferences>(Sharing I Believe) for additional settings
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