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    2010 Mac Mini not reading dvds but cds work fine? Weird
    I'm really confused, I bought a second 2010 mac mini for my house. CD's work just fine but when I put a dvd in it makes a couple sputter noises and then ejects it after 20 seconds or so. I did all the resets (pram, smc, nvram) and then I repaired disk permissions (these 2 things have solved lots of problems for me in the past) but it's still not working.

    It wouldn't bother me so much if cd's weren't working either but how can a drive read cd's but not dvds? Its just bizarre.

    Any help please!

    p.s. I love how spellcheck changed the word dvds into dads in the title.

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    First thing to check is what sort of DVD is it, is it compatible in other words....have you tried different ones and is it the same for all?

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    After you have verified that particular DVD is not damaged and is clean and that all DVDs do not work, you can take a can of compressed air and shoot 3-4 quick bursts into the slot in different directions - while the machine is shut down of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schulzey View Post
    It wouldn't bother me so much if cd's weren't working either but how can a drive read cd's but not dvds? Its just bizarre.
    It can and does happen, and is normally due to a defective optical drive. Other common faults are the drive reads CD's and DVD's, but not DL 8.5GB DVD's. Only replacing the optical drive or using an external one will resolve your problem.

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